Eliminating the Pay Per Click Gamble

It never ceases to amaze me how many companies will sink tens of thousands of dollars into pay per click programs, but nothing into search engine and website optimization for higher rankings, that will achieve better results for free.

Case in point: One company Joe Tracy Visioneering consulted with was paying a search engine $6 for every single click to their Website. And the search engine was delivering 200 visitors a week for a total of $4,800 a month! What was interesting about studying this company’s online presence is that the keywords the company was paying $6 a click for were ones that a good search engine optimization expert could easily get ranked #1 or #2 within a month, which would then deliver 500+ visitors a week for free!

The simple fact is that most companies could drastically improve sales and their return on investment (ROI) by focusing more on search engine rankings than on pay per click programs. Pay per click programs are like slot machines in Vegas – while they sometimes payoff, the odds are in favor of the casinos. Pay per click programs know that the secret of success is to get you into bidding wars with other people. And before you know it, you’re paying an outrageous $6 per click.

It’s also important to note that visitors generally trust sites that are naturally high-ranked over sites that appear in the sponsor area. As a result, naturally high ranked sites will get a plethora of additional relevant visitors over sponsor sites. And these visitors will be free because you took the time to create a relevant site optimized for higher rankings.

If you are a company reliant on pay per click results, its time to wean away from that bad habit by putting a stronger focus on creating relevant quality content, in high quantity, that is optimized for high search engine rankings. Once your rankings start bringing you an abundance of free traffic, you’ll find your ROI will soar and you’ll no longer have to attend those PPCA meetings (Pay Per Click Anonymous).

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