Khan the Cat – Nice ‘n Soft

This is my cat, Kahn. Very unique guy. You can read more about him at and see more of his videos there (the movie trailers he made are particularly entertaining). Anyway, Kahn is currently being tested for a rare cat disease called Portosystemic Shunt. The results should be known by Wednesday. The video below…

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CARmageddon is Here – Los Angeles Disaster

Ladies and gentlemen. It is now official CARmageddon has arrived. This Los Angeles News breaking report outlines what the arrival of CARmageddon means for the city of Los Angeles. I made this video (and voiced it with lots of tweaks) in the last seven hours. I hope this entertaining two minutes is worth the effort…

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Zeppelin Ride Video – Salem Oregon

In August 2010 I was given a rare opportunity to ride in a zeppelin. Now zeppelin’s are a lot like blimps, but there is a difference.  Zeppelins have a rigid metal frame which aids in maneuverability, bad weather, and safety. A blimp doesn’t have a frame. It is just a large shaped “balloon”. My zeppelin…

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