Run! It’s Carmageddon!

If you’ve seen any news on TV or the Internet then you’ve already heard about the impending doom in Southern California that is “Carmageddon”. Even though the story affects only one small area of one large state, the national media has tackled the story like its major breaking worldwide news. For the city of Los Angeles, this is great. The more residents are exposed to news of the impending end of the city, the more likely they’ll avoid the impact area. For the rest of the world it’s been quite entertaining to hear the amount of hype being given to the two and half day closure of one stretch of one freeway. It’s reported as if it is Y2K all over again. The media seems so frazzled by the story that major media outlets, like CNN, have consistently misspelled Carmageddon in their stories, referring to it as Carmeggedon. Spell check can’t help on that one! Documentaries are referring to the 405 closure as “a high wire act with no net“.

I used to live in the LA area, so I’m well aware of how busy the 405 is. I went to a lot of movie screenings and in order to drive to a location 15 minutes away where the screenings were held, I had to leave two hours in advance or risk not making it. The route? 405. And that got me thinking. If you live in Los Angeles there’s one thing you know. This weekend is not Carmageddon as many have predicted. The truth is that every day is Carmageddon on the 405 (except at 3:58 in the morning).

I think Earth will survive this weekend’s closure of the 405 in Los Angeles. I’m sure when it’s over major networks like Discovery Channel will start questioning whether Los Angeles is ripe for an attack by aliens. Wait! They already have!

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