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Eliminating the Pay Per Click Gamble

It never ceases to amaze me how many companies will sink tens of thousands of dollars into pay per click programs, but nothing into search engine and website optimization for higher rankings, that will achieve better results for free. Case in point: One company Joe Tracy Visioneering consulted with was paying a search engine $6…

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Using RQQ Content Creation to Get Search Engines to Like Your Site

Unique and thorough content for your website is essential when attempting to move your company up the search engine ladder to higher rankings. Having in-depth content provides you with an effective way of targeting important keywords and phrases that people are likely to use when searching. When creating content for your Website, it is important…

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The Importance of Having a Strategic Web Marketing Plan

If you were going to have a new house built for you and your family, what’s one of the first things you’d do? You would hire an architect to sketch out the plans. Building a house without a plan could be disastrous and cost you a lot more money. Likewise, building a Website without a…

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