Zeppelin Ride Video – Salem Oregon

In August 2010 I was given a rare opportunity to ride in a zeppelin. Now zeppelin’s are a lot like blimps, but there is a difference.  Zeppelins have a rigid metal frame which aids in maneuverability, bad weather, and safety. A blimp doesn’t have a frame. It is just a large shaped “balloon”.

My zeppelin ride took place in Salem, which is the capital of Oregon. I arrived at the airport, went through training and safety procedures, then was driven to the middle of the airport runway strip, where the zeppelin was waiting. Those of us on the zeppelin were told that fewer than 10,000 people in the world have ever ridden in a zeppelin. Oh, and the zeppelin had a toilet in it – it was called “the loo with a view” as there’s a window you can look out while doing your business.

It was quite the adventure that I had the privilege of catching on video in order to share with you. Below is that video:

Zeppelin Ride in Salem, Oregon

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